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    Aug 2011

    Created new user, can't access PSN saved data help?

    After changing my email address and having problems logging into the PSN, Sony's tech rep talked me into creating a new user and deleting my original one. They didn't bother mentioning that I would lose access to all of my saved data. HELP!!!

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    Dec 2009
    sorry i don't think you can get back your saved data, you should have saved it on a back up.

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    Oct 2010
    i'd ring them back and go batshit at em..that sucks!!

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    Sep 2010
    Your PS3 saved games or PSN content? For your saves you can try using a hex editor to change the ID of the account in the PARAM.SFO to the ID of your new account.

    Check this link: http://www.ps4news.com/PS3-Hacks/PS3...ation-Arrives/

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