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    brickked Guest

    Big Grin crashing xmb using browser

    well i dunno if this is useless information but you can crash xmb using browser

    [Register or Login to view code]

    this will crash the browser (its crashed when you cant quit using X button and the page is white)
    after the browser is crashed you can crash ps3 in 3 different ways

    first one is simply quitting when the browser is jammed. this will take you to xmb and there is loading icon on top corner and the xmb is jammed.

    second one comes when you have opened new page to different window and then quit
    (yes you can load new pages when browser is crashed but you cant scroll or click any links on page)

    this will prob bring you to xmb but the xmb is crashed (all moving text is frozen and you cant do a thing but strangely the wawes are moving)

    edit: oh the menu works normally when browser is jammed so you can quit that way XD

    third crash is done by doing the second crash type but instead of quitting you select something on game menu and the xmb crashes on "do you want to close browser window"

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    pornobenni Guest
    hmm i thought this is really useless, but i was very bored so i thougt i try it

    But when i access the page only a Network Error occurs, but i still can Exit the browser normal.. But i had this problem (xmb crashed) several times when i try to login to my gmx account on gmx.net

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    brickked Guest
    well the site still works fine to me (still crashes) the thing that freezes the browser is the amount of stuff the page has 7000 pics 12 000 links etc...

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