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    SHAWN PO Guest

    Coverting Files From Ps3 To Ipod

    I Keep Trying To Copy Music Files That Are Saved On My Ps3 To My Ipod When I Do It The Ps3 Says That The Copy Was Successful But When I Plug The Ipod Into My Cpu The Files Dont Show Up What Am I Doing Wrong?

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    IanJ Guest

    It copies them to the hard drive of the ipod not in ipod music format. If you plug the ipod into a pc and explore the disc you'll see the files in there.

    On a seperate note. Is anyoine successfully plugging their new ipod nano into the PS3? When i plug mine in it hangs the PS3.


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    SHAWN PO Guest
    yeah my ipod is actually a nano

    thanks man

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    IanJ Guest

    Is it a new nano?

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