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Thread: Couple of PS3 CFW Questions help?

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    zant Guest

    Couple of PS3 CFW Questions help?

    Hey fellas, I got a couple of questions:

    1. I want to plan PSN games on my CFW PS3. I got flagged/banned last time, I used reactPSN to activate my games. Is there a tool to use my legit account act.dat + the PSN game's rap/rif to make it a more "legit" activation?

    2. I have a new console id, i am on CFW 4.41. Is there a way to permanently change my banned console id with this new id, like a flashing utility or something?

    Thanks for the help guys!

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    JeoWay Guest
    Some around post console id's daily. And yes, you can change your Banned Consoles's ID as well.

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    zant Guest
    I have a private key, I'd like to change mine in flash. Do you have a tutorial to do this? Thanks

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    dyceast Guest
    Try using PS3ITA Manager v1.11.

    Apparently that can change console IDs

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    zant Guest
    I'm on rebug lite 4.41, PS3ITA won't conflict right? Also, does PS3ITA write to flash, or does it just write to RAM?

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    dyceast Guest
    I really dont know how it works because I have never needed to use it.

    It does say: Added Payload 4.41 CEX (CFW Rebug 4.41.2 & Rogero 4.41 are now supported). And that was version 1.00 so 1.11 should be better...

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    silvernational Guest
    I have been reading up on cfw and jailbreaking ps3 I wish there was someone who knows everything about jailbreaking and explain it to me

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    haze67 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zant View Post
    I have a private key, I'd like to change mine in flash. Do you have a tutorial to do this? Thanks
    there's not really a tutorial for it.. but with a bit info harvesting/investing time yes you can fully swap "indump" with new data from your broken legit console..

    it requires a tool named IDPS changer and some manual labor like old c2d way... now for that they made a GUI to do it, this could be done the same for the psid part in the original dump but i'm assuming nobody is gonna do that... for many reasons correct?!

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    MCMXCIX Guest
    To 2) Yep, you sure can, but you're most likely not going to do it "permanently" because it'll get banned again.

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