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    hakz Guest

    Copying a PS3 game to external usb help?

    I bought the last of us, and decided to back it up to my external usb drive connected to my PS3.

    However, the transfer is extremely slow. The estimated time remaining is 700 mins. It's at 7% since I started it about an hour ago.

    I am using multiman 4.46.01 and habib 4.46 2.05 if that's important to mention.

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    racer0018 Guest
    It does take some time to back that game up because of how big it is. Thanks.

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    hakz Guest
    But that's about 12 hours? Seems a bit too slow to me...

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    candyapple Guest
    wow that seem very slow. Do you have the old Fat ps3 or Slim one?

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    hakz Guest
    slim ps3.

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    Join Date
    Feb 2008
    That is very slow. I backed up 'The Last of us" to external hdd in less time than that.

    What brand and size of hdd is it?

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    hakz Guest
    250GB Fujitsu MHY225BH

    On an external Novatech caddie

    I tried to play the game, but it is incredibly slow, managed to get to the main menu, now its just stuck on loading, with the LED on the external drive flashing, so it seems its reading it very slow as well.

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    misiozol Guest
    Try software for testing speeds on direct HDD and when is on caddy this will exclude either this or this

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    hilongo Guest
    It's normal for the game to take a little time loading the first screen (I have it on internal) but all the rest should work normally ...

    Since both copying and playing the games took too much time ... maybe it's a problem with your HD ... does your caddy have it's own power source or does it takes it's power from USB only?

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    drphuz Guest
    You can run into slower transfer rates when you split any of the usb ports on the slim. There is only so much power to go around, lol. I would try to use a y cable possibly and using both usb ports in the front to power your caddies. Maybe even looking into using an external power supply for them as hilongo mentioned.

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