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Thread: Copying with file manager reduces size why?

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    IHM Guest

    Copying with file manager reduces size why?

    Hi all, i thought i would try transfering a game with 4gb filesize to external with filemanager v4

    Game is Resistance, 17.5gb

    I have 2 problems, number one, all of my personal rips are 2gb bigger than any game reported?

    When copied from internal to external with file manager, it shrinks to 10.5gb?

    Does it compress the game by any chance? i know its not useable while stored n that format but just seems odd?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Copying should not "compress" anything however there seems to be some bugs in FTP programs for PS3. One of them is causing to only report the incorrect file sizes for files over 4 GB and another to terminate the file copy prematurely hence the possible difference in the overall sizes.

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