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Thread: Copy and ftp PS3 contents to another help?

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    fezzyboy Guest

    Copy and ftp PS3 contents to another help?

    Hello, this is my first post i have a question that hasn't been asked before, i am just wondering i have cfw ps3 bc model with 4.55 rogero cobra 1.03 i am just wondering is it possible to copy and ftp all contents from a ps3 on to an external hard drive.

    the entire ps3 internal harddrive that is all the important files and everything thats on there on a cfw using rogero cobra 1.03 then changing the internal hard drive then ftping it back to the new hard drive.

    i have 1tb full of games installed ps2 classics and roms and emulators , as a result will the all the files that are where originally installed from its PKG file be installed so as soon and i ftp everything and turn on my ps3 it will turn out to be an exact replica of my old hard drive, for example all the psn games installed on the xmc and psone etc.

    the only reason i want to do this is because i have a 1tb internal hard drive in my ps3 and its full and i want to upgrade to 2 tb.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Some say a 2TB will work on a PS3, but not all do. Most people only have a 1TB or 1.5TB and not all those work.

    Yes you most definitely can copy hdd0: from PS3 using Multiman mmOS file manager.

    Once copied, shut down. Change hdd.

    Have your Rogero CFW on a USB ready in case it asks for the update when you restart the PS3.

    Reinstall Multiman once booted. Then copy the whole hdd0: back to PS3. Once done reboot and should be good.

    If not, then go into recovery and do Option 3, then Option 4 is what I have done in past.

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