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Thread: convert old ps3 hard disk to external hd help?

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    dondolo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tidusnake666 View Post
    Yeah, be sure you're using the USB cable which came with enclosing (it's short to avoid power loss) and be sure you're plugging HDD not on the USB Hub 9or rear or front PC's USB), but to the back, where the motherboard is.
    thanks to you, now i don't hear any noise, but, nothing shows up... all i have is an "Unkown Device"...
    i'm using the closest door to the motherboard, and the cable is about 7 centimetres, if i put this hd on my ps3, i connect the console via ftp, then i remove everything is in the dev/hddo folder, should it work?

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    nsomniac Guest
    i had the problem of it being write only, i just waited for the drive to start to initialize unplug it, then plug it back in, and so on, even if you destroy some of the data on there who cares you have to format it anyways, hope that helps somehow... oh and you can do the same thing to orig xbox hdds these are locked the same way.

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    dondolo Guest
    i will try hoping to don't destroy the hd entirely... this is going to be very annoying.

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    severusx Guest
    You wont destroy anything. It's not locked, it's just encrypted so you will need to format it. To do this, Right-Click on "Computer" in your start menu and select "Manage" from the shortcut list. In the computer management window, under Storage click on "Disk Management". In the bottom half of the Disk Management window you will see a listing on the drives connected to your PC.

    Locate the USB drive (probably disk 1), it will say unknown or none or something like that. Right-Click the drive and choose "Format". Select NTFS and check the box for "Perform a quick format". If you do not see Format, you may have to choose Add a Volume first. After that the drive will work just like any other external drive.

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    nsomniac Guest
    i tried all of those things in the past, i have done this with 3 ps3 drives all of which showed up as write only on my pc in 4 diff operating systems, xp pro, xp pro 64, 7, and unbuntu, it has worked on a 40gb, a 60gb, and an 80gb hdd, sounds stoopid i know, my own better reasoning tells me it's wrong also, but it did work, 3 separate times, and i have unlocked atleast 30 orig. xbox drives doing the same (all of which were from dead box's so i had no way of discovering the key) so i tried it and it worked

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    severusx Guest
    The drives are not locked in any way, just encrypted. Something else was going on with your PC/Drive Cage, and whatever you did just coincidentally made it work. Nothing is required beyond a format in normal situations. I've re-purposed 5 or 6 PS3 drives without any issues at all.

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