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    Convert .mkv to ps3format on mac?


    This is my first post so please be gentle

    I know mkv2vob can convert mkv to ps3format without losing quality but is there any solution for mac including surround-sound?


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    Dear Apple Friends,

    I think that you should try MKVtools:

    try to convert the MKV into something else like AVI and then use something like this:

    to get the video with the PS3.

    Otherwise you can try VMware Fusion on your MAC to install Windows XP just to use mkv2vob on your MAC, but I think that the first solution should be ok.

    Hope that this will help you.


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    If all you want to do is play the original video on a mac, all you need to use is VLC.

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    You can do another thing if yo have a strong spec. Try Tversity which can decode mkv into readable format for the PS3 while streaming it as a media server.

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    the best tool available to convert videos on a mac is FFmpegX:

    its free, fast and works like charm you can convert media file to anyother format.

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