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    Zoddi Guest

    Controller Sync issue on DEX Firmware help?

    After converting my PS3 from CEX to DEX i'm having sync issues with my controller.

    The PS3 is starting when i press the PS Button on the controller but after that the controller gets no number assigned and isn't syncing wireless. If i connect it with the wire the controller is syncing till the next restart.

    I tried to reset the controller first but the problem stays. After that i tried to reinstall the firmware, downgraded to 3.55 again and updated again to 4.20 and then 4.21.

    Does anyone have an idea fixing that?

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    G Sus Guest
    I had exactly the same problem as this, i downgraded back to 3.55 using the downgrade pup, then installed itskamels 3.55 dex, and it was fine, but as soon as i went to 4.21 it would start again.

    my solution was to use dex 4.11 and the issue seems to have stopped.

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    Zoddi Guest
    Think i should give it a try.

    Recognised 5 mins ago, that the controller is syncing when i start the PS3 with the on/off button and not with the controller itself.

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    G Sus Guest
    confirmed, same with me. dont power on the console with the controller and turn controller on after the console has started and its now syncing fine.

    same thing with 4.11 id just never noticed cos i wasnt turning console on with controller. must be a dex thing.

    Thanks Zoddi

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    thewhitetyger Guest
    Same here, but i began experiencing these same controller malfunctions with 4.11 DEX. only way to fix is use 3.55 until you need higher FW.

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    G Sus Guest
    i leave mine on dex 4.11 as i dont need to go back to 3.55 (i have a second ps3 on 3.55cex) only issue i have with dex4.11 is sometimes when i switch it on, it starts and jams with the sony ribbons. only way to recover it is pull plug and restart it, then it works fine, just glad the freezing isnt very often. its usually after disconnecting from prodg.

    or after using bluraydrive to play rocksmith.

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    Alex7 Guest


    thanks for the info dudes ..

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