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    [UnAnswered] controller doesn't turn on ps3

    Anyone experience this problem: where none of you ps3 controllers turn on the PS3? When I manually turn it on, the controllers work fine and normal. I can even turn the ps3 off with it. But when I go to turn it on by hitting the ps button, the lights on the controller keep flashing and the ps3 never turns on.

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    Is the rocker switch in the back of the PS3 set to on?

    The system won't power on (at all) unless the indicator is light up red. If you press the PS button with the rocker switch off, the controller will flash all 4 LED's for a while and then just stop trying.

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    Yeah the rocker switch was on and it was on standby.

    But I fixed it. I had to turn it on manually and boot up a game. Then I went into the PS button settings and Assigned the controller again. I was able to turn it off with the controller and then boot it up again.

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