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Thread: Connecting PS3 to the internet help?

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    tpaxx Guest

    Arrow Connecting PS3 to the internet help?


    I just bought a PS3 yesterday. Now I want to connct my PS3 to the internet, do I have to be afraid that it may be updated automatically? Or that something else may happen? Are there any options I have to pay attention to?

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    There is an automatic update setting you can set to "Off". Do that. You can also block official playstation URL's and you can prevent the PS3 from connecting to the internet. You can also change the DNS setting on the PS3 to prevent unwanted auto connections to the internet.

    All of the above methods are available on this site. Because it is quite a lot of info, use the search function.

    Lastly, visit often to stay abreast of all new tips, hints and info!

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    ps3haze Guest
    well why do you want to connect it to the internet? If you want online play you must update to the latest firmware. If you want to play backup games do not update to the latest firmware.

    If you simple want to surf the web and download game updates and not use the PSN then you do not need to update.

    If you want to play online and swap game discs then plug in the net and let it upgrade. You'll really enjoy the PS3.

    If you want to hack the ps3, play with custom firmware and game backups so you don't need to swap discs then for the love of gawd do not update the firmware. Read, read, read, and then ask a few questions. We'll help you out.

    You can play online for a couple more days with older firmware using the DNS trick but this will stop working in about 5 more days. Then online play will no longer work.

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