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Thread: Connect Router Network without Connecting to Internet help?

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    pig098 Guest

    Connect Router Network without Connecting to Internet help?

    Is where way to connect to my router so i can stream videos from PC and etc, but also not connect to internet??

    I don't want sony to find out that i have a jailbroken PS3 especially since i own a legit one as well...


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    the wire Guest
    Assign a static IP address to your ps3 (the mac address), then manually enter network details and enter the IP adress and enter an invalid gateway/mask ( or anything fake will do).

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    elser1 Guest
    yes it can be done.. not sure of the specifics.

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    moja Guest
    Just manually enter an IP and subnet mask (probably from your network's range into your PS3 (maybe or, and put a bogus gateway address (like No need to mess with MAC address, the wire (it's built into the NIC anyway).

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    the wire Guest
    Oh I thought you have to give it a static IP that way, sorry.

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    Natepig Guest
    You have to manually set a FIXED ip address in your ps3 network settings, you need the real gateway address which is your routers ip address usually, you only need to enter bogus dns addresses and disable auto sign in to psn.

    If you are un-sure about your gateway address and stuff, on your comp go to the start menu and enter cmd then open and type ipconfig/all, it will tell you that information there.

    To stream films in a home network its best to give your pc a fixed ip address as well, its a pain in the arse to do for the first time but its better long term.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I'd check the router admin pages, there'll probably be an option in there where you can turn off the WAN connection for a few devices (or IP's) failing that as natepig says giving the PS3 a bogus DNS address should take care of it.

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    moja Guest
    You can either assign a false default gateway on your PS3, or block internet access in the router admin pages. Either way will work for you. Here's a random link for further explanation (from Google):

    You don't need to give your PC a static IP since Windows and Linux (not sure which OS you're using) recognize the PS3's DLNA, and will route requests just fine LAN-side using MAC addresses (layer 2 OSI).

    OP, just choose a method that works for you and let us know.

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    Natepig Guest
    For streaming with tversity and ps3mediaserver, fixed ip addresses on both sides is always best. The gateway must be the routers ip address for streaming to work and the bogus dns addresses is all that is required. Please try not to confuse people looking for help with irrelevant computer jargon.

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    pig098 Guest
    Wow. A lot of suggestions!!. thx. i will give them a try and see which one works.

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