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    vivato Guest

    Connect from a PC to a retail PS3 using dtnetm?

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the PS3 scene and was hoping you could tell me if it's possible to connect to a retail PS3 using dtnetm?

    I read though the 1.92 SDK Debugging Station Setup which details the setup process of connecting to a PS3 using dtnetm, but following those steps doesn't work on a retail PS3. I was hoping it would, since the jailbreak puts the PS3 into "developer mode" (right?), has the */app_home/PS3_GAME/ folder and lets me run unsigned code. So what's stopping me from connecting to a retail PS3 in dev mode, just as I would be able to with a debug unit?

    Either way, I don't understand what I might be doing wrong. The sample "Debugging Station Launcher" runs fine, displays the IP, etc. but also says that /app_home/[NOT MOUNTED]. How would I go about mounting the /app_home/ folder on my PC to debug homebrew on the PS3? Or is the whole dtnetm connection only available to debugging units?


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    CJPC Guest
    Sadly, you can not. Namely, there are a few debug files that need to be on the PS3, in the case of the TEST that open port 1000 (and there may be additional checks). The PC can then connect to the PS3 via that port, and you can use app_home and whatnot, but without the files on the PS3, (and running at that), you are out of luck for the moment.

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