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    Confusion with strange ps3 modchip?

    Hello, today i got a modchip who looks just like PS3 Break but it says nothing on the top of the usb. When i plug it to my computer i go to the devices pages and it says Generic usb host or something like that. But i plugged it to my ps3 and was able to run the bm2 and actualy play. I heard that this copy of the chip can't be upgraded. So what do you think? should i keep this because it works? or should i go to where i bought him and ask for a refund or a swap?


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    aamir007 Guest
    This is the problem with these modchips it unknown whether they are upgradable or not which is why it is the best option to buy a dev board. It depends what chip it is it may be upgradeable.

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    Indeed, but the problem is that i'm not allowed to shop on the internet and the only shop i know where they sell this kind of stuff only had that model.

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    ordimans Guest
    but when we have a atmega32u2 (or others) in key it's possible to flash...

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    Luckluka Guest
    Confirm that your PS3Break is GENIUNE: ps3break.com/Truth.asp

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    Drakhen Guest
    Not allowed to shop on the internet...? That must really blow...

    anyhow if the stick works and does what you need it too then why replace it, currently there is no reason to even upgrade the stick, how much did the device cost you?

    you can always try to get your hands on a dev board, if mom and pop dont let you shop on the internet just give the $$ to a friend and have them order you one...

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