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    Oct 2010

    Condemned 2 in ps3 3.41 help?

    Hi guys,

    My questions:

    1) Can I play this game, the EU or the USA version, in 3.41 with jailbreak?
    2) It work's Int or Ext?
    3) Need some new Eboot or Patch?

    Thank You

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    Oct 2010
    Yes you can, you should be able to play it from both and you won't need a modified eboot since it supports 3.41.

    You can check compatibility list to see

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    Oct 2010
    I checked the compatibility there but I didn't see one thread that say the game is playable... Thank you.

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    I played this game on 3.55 from external disk wirt select + x from Multiman, i think this will work on 3.41 too.

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