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    tupsy Guest

    Condemned 2 backup not working?

    Hello peeps I have a problem Condemned 2 is not working for me on my jailbroken ps3 on internal or external hd what gives?

    Everytime I try to load it from internal or external I get a black screen and the ps3 freezes? I'm using Open backup manager and my other games seem to be working just fine.

    Can anyone help a brother out Thanks

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    soldier Guest
    i have the same issue on internal hdd. i'll try external but it doesn't look likely after reading your post.

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    tupsy Guest
    Does anyone have any idea on how to get this working yet?

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    soldier Guest
    i still wasn't able to get this working despite some reports of it working?! that's on both external/internal.

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    kojong Guest
    Condemned 2 : Bloodshot right ? Mine working fine on external w/o disc in the drive.

    On Hermes cfw with Multiman 1.5. Try Select + X on multiman (you need disc in the drive)

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    severusx Guest
    Use the latest version of Multiman. Rip the game to the external drive and launch it by pressing Select+X. Be sure to delete any game data before the first launch.

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    soldier Guest
    thx for the replies. i use the original backup manager, 3.41, maximus usb and this game always black screens on me no matter where it is. i'm kinda skeptical about switching managers when soo much is under this one. i'm scared it'll mess something up. thx for the help though.

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    severusx Guest
    Adding MultiMan will not damage you existing games at all, and will give you a much better interface and compatibility. You can either leave the original Backup Manager on your PS3 or use FTP to move your games to dev_hdd0\GAMES and delete the old BuM. DO NOT delete the original without moving your games or you will loose them.

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