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Thread: Compatible internal HDD for PS3 Slim models?

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    manglersji Guest

    Compatible internal HDD for PS3 Slim models?

    Is there any list for compatible internal HDD for PS3 slim in the range of 640GB & 1Tb which i wanna use for playing jailbroken backup games that doesn't slow down the games and etc etc. Have been trying to find (or maybe didn't tried hard enough) a topic about it here but only stumbled upon methods of changing the HDD but no brand/model no. given or mostly covered the Fat PS3 models.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I recently had difficulty with a 2TB 3.5" drive, so either I did something wrong, or there is a drive size cap :-/

    Very interested to hear other experiences though...

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    JailCenterKZ Guest
    All you need is a 3"5 Sata HDD with minimum of 5400 rpm speed. Most of 1 TB 3"5 drives have 5200 rpm so it can slow down some games. So the best choice will be 640 GB HDD.

    About titles - Sony uses Seagate Momentus as a native hdd for PS3, but I also reccomend Toshiba and WD for use with PS3.

    Good luck.

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    barbnjason Guest
    When looking for a new hard drive for the PS3 there are four key features you must be looking for:

    1. 2.5" width- These are notebook hard drives and that size is what you are looking for. 3.5" desktop hard drives will not fit.

    2. 9.5mm Height- This is normal but keep an eye out for drives that may be smaller or bigger because they will not fit.

    3. 5400 RPM speed- Although the PS3 can handle the faster 7200RPM, you run the risk of overheating the system for a few milliseconds faster in loading time. The original drive that came with your console is 5400RPM so make sure the new one is as well. (This one is still up for debate)

    4. Must be SATA

    So you should be fine in that range.

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