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Thread: cod4 online?

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    bozza Guest

    Big Grin cod4 online?

    hi, is there anyone in the u.s that will play in team matches on call of duty 4 online , also have a headset. i live in england and im still trying to find out if i can play other players around the world.

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    woutertje66 Guest
    You can play against americans

    just played with one today

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    Swizzxt21 Guest
    Yeah i played some guys out in Germany the other day.

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    xPonder Guest
    Yeah, there was a temporary period where you couldn't, because America got the Connectivity patch first. But, they recently released it, and now you can play with foreign countries again! yay!!

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    danny2304 Guest
    Yes i play all the time well i will do when my internet gets working again Add me if you can

    Danny2304 will play you some time

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    ibleedbluestl Guest
    cod4 seems to have a lot of lag

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    shalina Guest
    cod4 on ps3 sucks hard! better play with mouse an keyboard on pc

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