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    Exclamation [UnAnswered] COD3 Error during authentication

    Is anyone getting an error during authentication when they click on multiplayer and then it says connecting to seems to hang there for about a minute then says "there was an error during authentication"

    This sucks!!!! i was playing yesterday, and then shut it down, when i fired it up this was the result.. resistance works fine online.. i even cleaned the disc... still same outcome.

    I am v1.51 using simple dns to bypass firmware update... Oh ya even downloaded icon from ps3 store with no problem...

    PLEASE help

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    this has never happened to me. i think you internet connection might be poor...especially if you're on wireless.

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    Yea im gettin the exact same problem, glad 2 hear im not the only 1, it must be sumthin 2 do with there server?

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    i read that cod3 is doing some 14hr server maintainance.

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    Good 2 know, just glad its not my wireless on the blink

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    Any Word on that server guys? Lookin forward 2 getting some on-line action! Add me: Crico07

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    Yeah, it might be server troubles. I haven't played that game for about a month or so after I beat it.

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