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    Andifrenzyflyer Guest

    Exclamation CoD MW2 Add on content?

    hi there people, can anyone tell me if the rumors that Xbox360 will be getting add-on content for mw2 before any other format.

    also the rumor that infinity-ward will be cutting ties with PlayStation after this coming title (MW2) any information either confirming or discounting these rumor would be great.

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    saviour07 Guest
    Where did you hear these rumours? Can you post any links relating to where you read this plz

    IW are the developers of MW2 and AFAIK it would be upto the publishers Activision as to whether Modern Warfare, or even the COD series for that matter would continue on the PS3

    As for the 360 timed exclusive, that would not surprise me in the least as MS like to throw their money at dev's for timed exclusives

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