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Closed Thread
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    Contributor homogamez's Avatar
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    Nov 2010

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    [Answered] CoD blacks ops Multiplayer help?

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    hi, i have the original CoD black ops and backep up on my jailbroken ps3 3.41.i did the sfo edit and other stuff to get it work on my ps3 but i cnt get the multiplayer to work. anyone have any ideas how to make it work?
    Best Answer - Posted by BwE:

    everything you need to fix this is in the black ops thread in the hacks section.



    for all multiplayer help

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    Logging on to PSN would be an excellent start.

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    i can get on PSN store and play the game it just when i choose multiplayer mode the screen stays black, any ideas?

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    Is your your dongle flashed with PSN loader?

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    i jailbroke my ps3 3.41 with my t1 84 calc.i could play the game campaing mode but not multiplayer mode the screen stays black.

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    Newbie FMAranda's Avatar
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    Dec 2009

    Which is the id of your black ops? I just used a pack from Jay-Jay and the multiplayer is working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homogamez View Post
    i jailbroke my ps3 3.41 with my t1 84 calc.i could play the game campaing mode but not multiplayer mode the screen stays black.
    You must have a PSN-YES (hex) flashed on your t1 84 so you can play multiplayer.

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    i have the retail CoD black ops i bought,and where can i get the ps3yes for ti-84 plus?

    BLUS30591 cod i got

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    Search for PSGroove​ PSN​ TI84​ Hermes​ v4b​.

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    i think i got misunderstood, i can play CoD black ops on my jailbroken ps3 3.41, i can acess the PSN too i just can't play multiplater mode. i got the retail game and also backed up. just when i select multiplayer mode in menu the screen stays black doesn't go anywhere.

    Edit: i tried PSGroove​_PSN​_TI84​_Hermes​_v4b​.rarand selected in on payload 1 payload to put none fw compact none and device 6 off and on and now i can't even get on psn network or load CoD black ops lol, trying another payload now will report back later.
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Closed Thread

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