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    Quote Originally Posted by SwordOfWar View Post
    I posted a fix for that version of the game in the black ops thread. After correctly fixing the game it works fine with gaia manager.
    After like 20 pages i found your fix. Now i'm reading up on the ftp transfers (haven't done one yet) and do i have to be on 3.41? i am on 3.40 as of now

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    i thought people stuck either at 3.15 (for linux) or 3.41. what's special in 3.40? most apps are designed to work for firmware 3.41 and 3.15. so probably the best way is to upgrade to 3.41. use firmware upgrade 3.41 fixed but hey... it's your ps3... you decid e

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    I see no reason not to update from 3.40 to 3.41

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    Almost there... i used blackbox ftp (latest version 1.12 or something) and filezilla on my win 7 pc. i transfered the folder BLUSxxxx to the ps3 and it said it copied 23 files... is 23 the correct amount? when i finished it still went to a black screen that caused me to flip the switch to get it reset.

    i am now jailbreaking with a android phone running psfreedom-hermesV4b-PSNv2.

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    this thread should help with your multiplayer problem.. i'm sure your gonna encounter like most people including me lol

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    Got it.... in all my reading up on black ops i must have missed the part that i need an origional ps3 game in the drive. put in motorstorm pacific rift and bam had the icon for COD clicked it and i was in. thanks for all the help from you guys on PS3NEWS.COM!!!!! i love this site.

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