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Thread: Clone Ps3 HDD 40gb to 1000gb, need help?

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    Warrorar Guest

    Clone Ps3 HDD 40gb to 1000gb, need help?

    Hey guys, after i got my ps3 hdd extender plus phe-02 after 1month of wait, i want to build in this piece of heaven onto my ps3.

    is there a way that i can copy the whole stuff from the hdd 40gb(2,5') onto my 1000gb(3,5')?

    i'm asking because of the save games and so on.

    thanks in advance.

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    afiser13 Guest
    use system settings>backup and backup to external drive

    use system settings>restore and restore from the external drive after you have installed your 1000gb drive

    its the only way that i can think of.

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    Warrorar Guest
    does this really make a complete backup of my hdd, and everything which is on the hdd?

    or does it only saves my savegames/installed games/homebrews?

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    anwark Guest
    I think the backup and restore method will be OK for you requirements. However, you can copy all your homebrew folders to your PC with PS3 FTP server or to your USB mass storage with Comgenie’s Awesome Filemanager. Look at the downloads section if you don't have these hombrew apps.

    Good luck!

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    afiser13 Guest
    i've used it once before, it copied pretty much everything (psn demos, game saves, game data, music, photos, vidoes, ect.) i could not see anything it did not copy.

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    JohnboyWaltons Guest

    if you really want to make a 1:1 copy of your hdd, you need 2 things:
    1. A running PC
    2. Hdd clone software (

    During cloning, you can then say whether it should be a pure 1:1 copy, or whether the data is adapted from the 40GB to 1000GB, so you can get after not appear in the 40GB PS3, even though you have installed a 1000GB.

    I have so then replaced my 60GB with a 500GB without a data loss!

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    afiser13 Guest
    does that really support the ps3 filesystem tho?

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    I did this very same thing not long ago, just used FTP to download EVERYTHING on HDD and also all the flash0 flash2 flash3. Then all i did was upload all the files back after installing new HDD. Then i restored dev_flash2\drm\psn this is necessary if you want to keep all your PSN content activated. dev_hdd/home is also vital to your PSN content, double check you have that one backed up to pc.

    Also you may need to rebuild database from recovery. Can't remember if i had to do that or not. But this did work for me, all PSN content still activated, no savegames lost.

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    mikeybabe Guest


    you may need to format with the hdd with CompuAppps SwissKnife V3 and put 4 or more partitions on it making sure that there are no drive letters , only on the first partition.

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    elser1 Guest
    when i used back up from ps3 to ext hdd it didnt do my psn games.. and some games wouldnt let me backup saves to ext hdd(only 3 or 4 out of 40 or so).. excuse my off topic.

    for formatting to fat32 it took me hours of downloading programs and trying them only to find they would not work for me, or you had to buy the version needed etc.. then i finally found on google active partition manager.

    i like active partition manager better than swiss knife.. its the easiet to use and its free and there is no need to make extra patitions.. i did my 1.5 tb ext hdd and it only took 30 secs..

    i'm so pleased with this and hope it saves other people a lot of frustration.

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