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    PR0r Guest

    Checking PS3 games for 4gb+ files help?

    I have a stack of games saved on storage (80+) that need converting/splitting. They will be then moved and played from an external hdd.

    Aldostools is great but it's no good for mass amounts. Same goes with other splitting/joining ps3 tools I've found!!

    Please prove me wrong by putting me out of my misery.. I'm dieing for an easy app or tool to accomplish this slow task!

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    misiozol Guest

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    PR0r Guest
    So this will do multiple games at once? I've tried several apps but they check one game only.

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    dyceast Guest
    Split4g does Multiple games (Just put all the games into the 1 folder, but has a few bugs. You need 2 partitions for it to work OK.

    1 Partition has the games on it, and then another partition (e.g your External) as the new destination. Can get errors trying to split on the same partition.

    You can also try MiniSplit v1.0 which is more recent, but haven't had much time trying to use it.


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    misiozol Guest
    Works like a charm even on one partition , just needs much more time and bit more space for buffering files.

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