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Thread: Cheating in COD zombie mode help?

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    genius312 Guest

    Cheating in COD zombie mode help?

    I know... before everyone blame my post, I m like you!! I HATE cheaters online. I know we can now hack our PS3, and play games for free ... but when you do not pay for a game.. DO NOT PLAY ONLINE and please ... DO NOT CHEAT ONLINE.

    Well, I play Call of duty zombie mode with a friend for a while now (at least 2 years) ans we can't get passe level 26. So we'd like to try some cheat now and have some fun kicking some zombies!! is there anyway to cheat on COD black-op 1 and 2 in zombie mode ?

    I have been searching for a while now and I have found a package for version 1.04 but when I installed it, the game does not start. So I guess this is not the correct thing to do !! Any help would be greatly appreciated !

    Thank you very much,
    Martin L.

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    d3m0n1q733rz Guest
    You could attempt to uninstall the update and go back to 1.04, however if you're online, you won't be able to update or the cheat won't work. This also means that online mode is disabled. So it's one way or the other.

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    dyceast Guest
    There are cheats to both Blackops 1 and 2 for Zombies, an you can't go online anyways, as you will be banned pretty damn fast.

    It takes a bit to get used to with B.O 1, and B.O2 is pretty straight forward.

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