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Thread: Changing PSN Id for PS3 User help?

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    Evilmachine Guest

    Changing PSN Id for PS3 User help?

    Hi there,

    First i would like to Share Some Information with you.

    My PSN Id got banned with the whole console. I changed my Mac psid and idps with values from my old console and now i am able to go online again.

    But when i want to Login with my new psn id with the Old System user, i get the Message that i cannot Login with another id.

    So what i want to know is the following. I Need a Way to unbind my System user from the banned psn id without losing in and assign a New One to it.

    So any ideas??

    Thanks in advance

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    misiozol Guest
    Getting banned means your console and account is banned, option is restore system to factory new state or delete all user personal data.

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    Evilmachine Guest
    *irony on* yeah why did i not get the idea to just delete all my important data *irony off*

    So and now seriously. You can unbind the account when connected to psn with Triangle Button and remove Account. There must be a way to do so without loggin in (for example editing files in the flash).

    As there is a way to edit save files itself there must be a way to edit a config file to ubind the system user from the banned account nad change the id of the banned account with an unbanned.

    As i said the PS3 already IS unbanned. This is just about rescuing the saves and trophies. Where the saves are much more important than the trophies.

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    misiozol Guest
    There is no other option as all data is connected to your account all saves trophy data and rest of this, after changing ID you end up that way or another with save data that is not matching your console ID and account.

    So why not just backup all saves with file manager, backup what you need or is important , delete and reformat drive and remove all personal data (factory new) , and resin all saves to new ID with aldos tools , unfortunately that is price to pay and need lots of work or just skip playing online

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