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Thread: Changing PS3 trophy timestamps help?

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    Kisai Guest

    Changing PS3 trophy timestamps help?

    I don't have any interest in hacking trophies I don't have, but what I do want is to be able to change the timestamps of any trophies I already have. Problem is, I'm not exactly sure how to even begin doing that. I've never looked into any hacking for the PS3, and changing the timestamps alone does sound oddly specific. Still, are there any tutorials for that sort of thing?

    Also, I heard that Sony can immediately delete your account if you're hacking in trophies, but just changing the timestamps of the ones you've legitimately acquired shouldn't be that big of an offense, right? Or maybe even harder for them to detect?

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    This may be of use if you haven't seen it yet:

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    Kisai Guest
    After taking a look at that, it seems it assumes I'm already hacking my PS3, which... I have no knowledge of how to do, as mentioned. Never got into that. Upon clicking the link for that guide...


    An exploited PS3 (JailBroken) on 3.41
    PC with Hex Editor Neo (recommended)
    The PS3 FTP Manager application by CJPC
    Filezilla (PC FTP Client)

    Jailbroken? Exploited? What? And I'm definitely past 3.41, so that could be a problem. And I assume that "PS3 application" is something you can use with an... exploited, or jailbroken PS3?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    If you're on 3.55 FW or less you can still "hack" your PS3. If you're on a higher firmware you can downgrade using a mod-chip such as the E3 flasher or Infectus.

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