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    furientez Guest

    Question Changing from PS3 fat to slim help?

    hey there,greetings to all, I have an old 40gb fat ps3 (3.41 cfw) with ylod (reflowed twice) wearing a 750gb (wd) hd (internal)... I just ordered a new slim 160gb with 3.40 ow on it, in order to continue on using my dearest cfw... is there any way of swapping the new slim's drive with my old 750 gb drive and the same time make some trick (change id's via ftp maybe) and somehow force the console to recognize any previous games, installations, saves and trophies instead of formatting the drive?

    p.s. already made a little research and something tells me that the old drive will be formatted and I would have to install everything from the beginning (except trophies-not possible)... but before proceeding I would really like your advice... thx in advance

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I found this video on youtube, it might help you.

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    furientez Guest


    wow, bit roughly method... hmm but if there's no other option of doing this, I will give it a go...

    thx m8, appreciate your help, take care!

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