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Thread: Changing out PS3 HDD help?

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    imawinner Guest

    Changing out PS3 HDD help?

    So I'm running 3.55 with a 40gb HDD. I have a 160gb 7200RPM HDD I have tried to swap it out. Followed guides, looked around on here, etc all to no avail. The system constantly states it can't find a valid backup...

    I know my external drive is working, because I can load backups, .pkg files, etc from it.

    From what I can tell I'm not doing anything wrong, and the drive (internal and or external) may just be incompatible for this.

    Mainly this post is to ask, I SHOULD be able to do the backup and everything while on KMEAW 3.55 correct? or do I have to move back to OFW do the upgrade and then redo KMEAW?

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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    nino7050 Guest
    Hey, let see you can use HDD Clone boot from this image disc (select bios PC boot from cd) then you must have connected hdd of ps3 end the new one too select surce the ps3 one end the new one like host then clone hem i hope work.


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    imawinner Guest
    what image disc? I see no links or anything, and your instructions don't make a lick of sense (partly because I don't have said program in front of me). Guessing from what I can understand of this. It's going to work like CloneDVD where I just tell it Drive X is source and Drive Y is destination and then let it "clone"?

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    nino7050 Guest
    It a pc program shy call HDD Clone search it read about them, then answer if it useful or not.

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    imawinner Guest
    I'll give it a shot tonight, am I correct in saying I should NOT have to move back to OFW to do this?

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    nino7050 Guest
    i belive not but any way before trying to clone them try format the new one with the ps3 , to have the format ok.

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    imawinner Guest
    Thanks Nino, I'll be back later to let ya know how it went

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    DemonoidMaster Guest
    If you're on Kmeaw (w/e vers.) just do a backup (If not, use the in-built PS3's backup utility), but first you need to format your new HDD to Fat32 so that the PS3 can see it (because anything else wont show up at all) then you need to let the PS3 format it to its own file system.

    Now for the methods

    Plug it in any of the 2 USB ports via a SATA-to-USB Enclosure (or buy yourself a HDD dock such as this What's cool about the HDD dock method is that you can pretty much use your new HDD in your PS3 and use your old one in your HDD dock without even moving anything. just switch them out and voila... brand new HDD in PS3.. and old HDD outside for your movies, pictures, gamesaves, and etc etc

    However, i don't think your games can be booted externally (unless Kmeaw can boot games from external drives hurrrr)

    Anyhow, buy a HDD Dock... that Thermaltake dock costs like 34+ $ max (newegg has it at 28$) depending on the tax and shit

    That 160GB HDD , is it the HDD you want to use in your PS3 (internal) ? and use the old 40GB as external?

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    if its a 40gb console, i am pretty sure the the hdd holds a viatle part off the firmware, thats why it wont boot. if you wanna swap hdd's hassle free. get 3.55 cfw on a usb (search firmware update ps3 via usb)

    when you swap hdd's it will ask you for the fw, start select boom, job done. >>> just back up all the stuff you want before hand.

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