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    Changing oem PS3 HD to new 1tb help?

    Couple questions before i purchase this (

    Does the size fit in my slim?

    When i install and turn back on what firmware gets installed? Could i have the 4.55 CFW on a flash drive and will it read/install from that maybe?

    Thank you

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    Yes it will fit.

    Just back up anything you want with PS3 Backup Utility or using multiman

    Shut down. Change hdd.

    Put 4.55 CFW on USB and boot up. If your PS3 wants the update it will look for it and install.

    Harddrive Model info (via

    The data in this table has been copied from manufacturer documents (datasheets or productsheets) available at his support webs. See links at bottom of the page

    A collection of productsheets/datasheets of the HDD models used in PS3, renamed by manufacturer/series: Download (fujitsu series are missing)

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