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    CFW PS3 Remote Play with PS Vita help?

    Not sure where to put this... maybe it really should be in the Vita Forum, but if so, admin, please move it there.

    I just today sent of my PS3 to the only place in my country that perfroms downgrades on PS3, from OFW to CFW.

    And also today, I got my PS Vita. It's on OFW 1.06, in other words, the same firmware it lanuched with here in Europe. The main reason I bought a PS Vita is to be able to do some Remote Play from my PS3.

    Which firmware goes on which console for best Remote Play compatibility?

    Is it CFW 4.50 on PS3 and OFW 3.0 on PS Vita? Or have Sony implemented some fix on later PS Vita firmwares to disable Remote Play for unsupported PS3 titles?

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    I would skip remote play and load CFW to vita to be able to play backups from PSP and lots of homebrew/emulators , but if you update vita it will no work anymore.

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