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    slasher3240 Guest

    CFW on PS3 4.46 OFW help?

    Hello, i am new here and i wanted to know if there was any way to install CFW on my new PS3.

    It is a PS3 super slim running OFW 4.46 and i have never installed cfw on it before, so i was wanting to know if there was any way for me to install cfw on it, and if so, how?

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    rommy667 Guest
    In a word no you have to get a ps3 on 3.55 or lower to cfw it

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    slasher3240 Guest
    is there any way that i could install 3.55 on it?

    sorry if i am asking dumb or completely obvious questions, but i am completely new to cfw.

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    Daveyshamble501 Guest
    You will need to post your ps3 to a complete stranger and pay them to downgrade it for you, then run the risk of the postman losing or smashing it in transit... Whoever downgrades it for you will put whatever custom firmware you want on it, so it will come back ready to do whatever things you wanna do on it.

    Now ask someone else if i'm lying ?

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    slasher3240 Guest
    will there ever be any software or something that could install cfw on it without downgrading it?

    oh and also, this may be off topic of this thread, but is there a way to play ps3 games downloaded from the internet and put them on a usb drive and play them? sorry if i am asking a question that has an obvious answer

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    hilongo Guest
    I don't think there will be a software solution to downgrade or jailbreak PS3 on OFW greater than 3.55... but who knows!

    if you don't want to post your ps3 to a complete stranger and all the things that Daveyshamble501 just said, you can always get yourself a Hardware Flasher and do it yourself... that's also an option

    About your question... Yes, there is a way to play ps3 games downloaded from the internet stored on a usb drive... but, sadly, your ps3 must have a CFW to be able to do that.

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    slasher3240 Guest
    ok thanks.

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