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Thread: cechc03 60gb ps3 help?

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    kenmore Guest

    cechc03 60gb ps3 help?


    should this cechc03 60gb ps3 model have the kem410aca laser board. why does this model have two lasers?

    thanks for your replies


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    cackalack Guest
    all CECHC03s have single laser kes400a except ones that have been warranty refurb replacements from sony sometimes these have had the 410aca drive fitted basically because sony no longer had the single lasers in production they were phased out halfway through production of the CECHG03 40GB model why are you asking.

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    kenmore Guest


    thanks for your reply, cos when reading up which laser it as in, like you say it should have the kes400aaa but this model has the kem410aca. needed to make sure this was the right laser.


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