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    [UnAnswered] Casino Royale Blu-Ray (Who has theirs)

    Just got home from work to find my "Casino Royal" Blu-Ray disc waiting for me (Free for signing up for PS Network, thought sony wasnt sending them out for 45 days, anyone else got theirs yet?

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    na man im starting to think i aint gonna get it, i just got a hd tv so i need that

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    Mine arrived yesterday

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    Apr 2005
    So where do you guys live then? I'm in the UK, mine *may* have come today since I've been at work all day and still am. Won't find out till I get home in an hour and a halfs time.

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    Got mine today and I'm in the UK. Its a nice little disc and a nice picture but not much of a movie though in my opinion, although I can't think of a decent James Bond film since Roger Moore left 22 years ago. Still the BR DVD is worth having for nothing.

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    I got mine today!!

    Gonna watch it tonight in bed, thanks $ony!

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    free? FREE you say, i bought mine before i got my ps3, i didn't realise that sony were giving them away, god i hope i don't get one or i will be Pissed.

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    Mar 2007
    Did you guys get an Email beforehand? After signing up to PSN I haven't had a single Email. Should I have had anything?

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    Apr 2005
    I've had the email but no disc yet.

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    Apr 2007
    I've had an email too - but no disc in germany yet

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