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    I got mine 2 weeks ago on wedensday.... and NEXT day I got 1 more!!! i think thay made some kinda' mistake coze i got 2 pieces of Casino Royale!!!


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    Apr 2007
    got mine just now (in germany)^^ didn't expect it anymore after one month...

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    got mine yesterday. Luxembourg

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    ok so i have read all 10 pages of this thread but no one here has been specific if you have to sign up with the PS3 or via the computer? well, there was an user on page either 3 or 4 i think that the said he got two discs, he signed up via his pc and via his PS3. so, my questions are;

    1. i know i am late, but can i still sign up for this?
    2. my PS3 firm is still 1.31 and i want to keep it this way, can i sign up via my PC? if so, what is the link?
    3. if i can only do with my PS3, i think i am SOL right? because i got to have 1.5 to do the proxy bypass thingie?

    thank you all for clarifying all this.

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    I have it

    got mine two days ago... and I signed up with my computer.

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    hey undercode, are you going to tell me how you signed up via the PC? guys... there is NO INFO on this thread on how to do this via the PC... can someone please post some info? thank you.

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    YeaY got mine 2 days ago.. no mail from sony?

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    Stick Out Tongue

    they send me 2 Casino Royal movies.

    thx Sony

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    i got mine last friday, but just got an email saying i should expect one soon. sony need to time things bettter

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    are you all signing up via the PS3? is there a way or trick to sign up via the computer?

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