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    Senior Member PSPSwampy's Avatar
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    I'm in the UK, signed up a few days after launch (wanted to get around the firmware first! lol) still nothing here

    (No email, no nothing)

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    I registered a week after launch in Australia. Got the email last week and 'Casino Royale' arrived yesterday.

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    i'm in Australia and i registered on launch day, i got the email already but still waiting for the disc.
    i wonder how dantheman got his so quickly, not fair.

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    I have a japanese PS3 and i'm registered on Euro PS Network on the 23rd of March. Yesterday I've received the email of Casiṇ Royale blu ray disk, so my question is: is it necessary to register serial number of my console ? Because I don't registered it, but i've received the Casino Royale's email yesterday... What do you think about ?

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    As mentioned I'm in the UK, signed up on launch day (got around the firmware check within 5 mins thanks to this site), postie has just been and still no blu-ray.

    I'm up in the North of the UK so may arrive next week.

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    I registered on launch day and never got an e-mail. I'm from Perth in Western Australia, there have been reports that other people from Perth haven't got an e-mail yet either even though they registered on launch day whereas people that registered 5 days after launch have got an e-mail, anyone from Perth that has got an e-mail?

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    I've received the email... they're gonna send the disc in may (In Italy It comes out in may...)

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    Nothing received here in New Zealand yet!

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    I'm from perth too and i have the email already. i registered on launch day. using the proxy method to bypass the version check.

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    I never had any emails, but I got my BD today! So there is still hope for you people without any emails.


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