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    Mine came today! I received an e-mail from them confirming i would be getting a copy last week!

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    I and and 4 friends of mine have an email, but disc not in sigh Waiting ...

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    yea im from tha uk to, when did u guys sign up for it? on launch day etc? cause i signed up for it during the launch week so i dunno it might be for people who only signed up on the night.

    fingers crossed!

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    ive got no email from them about the free disc and one has not been delivered. having said that i only registerd my ps3 to my account on april 4th after i got the firmware bypass working

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    i signed up the following day after the launch, thought that it was too late allready - but got an email a week later or so wich said, that the blu-ray will be delivered within 45 days - and now i'm waiting.

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    had mine today in the uk

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    is this offer for people who regged via the console only or do people who had thier accounts setup before euro luanch day not qualify?

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    I signed up on in the evening of the 23rd, got the email last friday but no disc yet

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    Hi Guys,

    No disc in Portugal too 8-(

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    I got mine yesterday. Im UK based and i signed up to PSN 3 days before UK release date on my JAP machine

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