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    HELP, i registered wrong info... what do i do now?

    ok, so i did the dns bypass trick and was able to register my master acct. i choose the UK as a country even though i am in the US so i could get the blu ray disc. i was able to see the message on my ps3 screen about the free dvd, and once i registered i did get an email right away.

    the email did not say anything about the free dvd, it just gave me my registration confirmation... BUT i noticed i made a BIG mistake... i did not type my name when i registered... i was under the impression that they would take that and use it for marketing so i made up something, i did enter my real address though.

    first last
    *i did enter my real address*.

    what should i do? delete the acct and re do it? or is there a way for me to log back in and just add my name? or should i email sony? but if they see that i don't live in the UK they might not send me the disc, right? arghhh... what should i do?

    i tried to log back in but i can no longer login... i get an error message 8002a212. i am still using firmware 1.31 with the bypass deal but again, i was able to register. thank you all.

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    Stick Out Tongue I've got mine

    hehe... just got mine today in my mail box... cool

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    ok, i just read these WHOLE thread all over again and i noticed that most of you are either located in europe or australia. so my questions is; any of you from the US got this?

    i remember that sony had the free spiderman umd deal that was only supposed to be in the UK but they were delivering all over the world... i wonder if this is the same deal?

    i am in the US but when i registered i used the UK country selection, so, i am assuming that i registered my master acct in the UK servers? but i did place my US address... you think they still deliver this? or they got pickier after the spiderman umd promo?

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    Used PS3 US version and register on EUR network by firmware bypass, got 007 2 weeks ago after about 3 weeks waitting. Not success with PS3 Jap version. Sad

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    Got mine UAE, they shipped it from france but its the UK version. I have US PS3.

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