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    just arrived today, i'm in uk

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    PS3 Cross Button

    Just got an e-mail saying i'm gonna get one... within 45 days.. they say... i'm in Portugal...

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    i wished there was a way for people that have the right firmware sign up others that have lower firmware via their ps3... that would be sooo awesome! is this possible? or when you sign up the ps3 release info like mac address and stuff to the registration server?

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    Im pretty sure this would not work as I think the ps3 sends your serial number during the sign up process. Why not just sign up using the proxy like I did? Got my confirmation email last monday and my disc turned up yesterday! Don't know if anyone else has noticed this but when you play the trailer from the store its lovey wide screen with no borders but the blu-ray disc has black borders at the top and bottom? But hey it was free!

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    Got my email on the 6th of april, but still no disc... What gives Sony? My mate signed up around the same time and got his ageeesss ago. Im in Australia btw.

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    i got mine on 30 april what do i need to do now?

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    watch it, its about all you can do now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golku View Post
    i got mine on 30 april what do i need to do now?
    Write Sony a nice thank you letter

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    I registered on Friday 4th May. So I guess I got a long wait hehe. Ill be happy just as long as I receive it

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    Any news for UAE ? Im thinking to buy one and sell it later

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