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Thread: Can't update PSjailbreak with hex help?

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    Osail Guest

    Can't update PSjailbreak with hex help?

    i can't update my USB jailbreak. every time i do i get an error running flip 3.4.2.

    i installed the driver and everything looks like it working fine.

    i upload the hex file and when i do 'run' it passes all of them except verify and i get the following error 'device fail at 0x00CBC'

    But it will still fail even without loading a hex. 'verify device fail at 0x0000'

    what's going wrong? i've tried other hexes listed on the site but none of them work.

    one i want to work is the hermes v3 beta at the bottom.

    I don't think this is the issue but i'm running windows 7 through parallels on my mac but every thing still runs fine.

    any help would be appreciated thanks!

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    thexnightmare Guest
    Try to update it from windows directly installed on a machine.

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    mannyshame Guest


    i have the same problem.

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    Krisdog Guest
    Please tell me which device, and or modchip board you are all using. I need info to help. Please include JB device's label; ie at90usb162.

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    boilers183 Guest
    I have an at90usb162 (psjailbreak) and have this same problem. I'm on windows vista

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    deepblue2000 Guest
    you can't update an org. psjailbreak with a hex file, you need the software from the psjailbreak team.

    but there is a little hope: the first update is expected to christmas

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    boilers183 Guest
    is the silver one real? it says it can be updated on atmel flip... does that help? and i also have a ti 84 calculator. does anyone know of a file to make it run backup manager 2?? thanks!

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    costocart Guest
    you cant update the ori PS3 Jailbreak using .hex file. like the dude above said you have to rely on the maker of the device for updates. but i think there's a workaround for this which involve some hex editing and updating the device using .bin file. Search the forum for that tutorial. i've seen this same question 3 times in 3 weeks.

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    Damirget Guest
    you CAN update PSJAILBREAK silver org.

    I found solution to upgrade it. You need some soldering skills and you are ready to go.

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    costocart Guest
    thank you so much for the 'clarification'. you are really smart indeed care to share a bit of the said solution on how to update it so others can benefit from it. sharing is caring

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