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    Can't update PS3 3.41 OFW to 3.55 OFW help?

    Hi, I recently got a PS3 on Ebay for the sole reason of putting CFW on it and I cant. The PS3 appears to be on 3.41 OFW from the PS3 but I can't update it at all. When I go into recovery mode its says I need to update it to 3.56 or over. The problem is not the name of the file or folders names as i have checked and rechecked him. Any help how be great. Thanks

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    Jul 2013
    Did you install 3.55 OFW or CFW ? Those should be done from 3.55 lower.

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    I have tried to install 3.40,3.50,3.55 ofw and 3.55 cfw and 4.21 cfw none worked.

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    Have you tried update via XMB (system update)

    While you are using recmod, did you connect usb charger to controller and then press "start+select" usually that the way. Try that and see what happen.

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    Ya tried it, didn't work.

    That didn't work either have you any other ideas?

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    Reinstall again 3.41 with recovery mode , if this not helps try different HDD , if not most likely it was downgraded wrong way from 3.56 and therefore your problem most likely then will remain hardware flasher , MOST IMPORTANT what model of console you have ?

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    1. Re-install 3.41 from XMB
    2. Put a 3.55 CFW on a USB stick (FAT32 Format) and put it in the right USB port.
    3. Install the CFW from the XMB.

    If that doesn't work and still says you need 3.56 or over, try disconnecting from the internet.

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    That PS3 was most likely downgraded with the modified 3.41 and spoofed to 3.56

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    install 999 downgrader and then dehash your PS3 and now you can install CFW that you want, it seems that your PS3 is been on downgrade.

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    yea, are u sure u installed rogero v3.7 or rebug 999 downgrader pup? Cause this should definately work. And by dehash he means qa toggle. But sometimes you can't go up from there. You have to go to 3.55 OFFICIAL FIRMWARE first.

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