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Thread: Can't sign into psn 80710092 error help?

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    KentaZXA Guest

    Can't sign into psn 80710092 error help?

    is it just me? or is everyone else having the same problem?

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    Realee Guest
    Google suggests the error is likely some downtime on the PSN.

    There are some other fixes suggested though:

    - Disable Media Server
    - Reboot the router

    Both minor things that are easily testable but from the threads I've seen it'll come back shortly.

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    JiNYx007 Guest
    Sorry man maybe just you. i'm good.. live in US if that means anything.

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    KentaZXA Guest
    wow i'm such an idiot... apparently i found out my ip adresss that said in system info was different then the one i typed on ps3 proxy, so i just reedit my settings and it works now.

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