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    Can't see IP in PS3 FTP Blackbox 1.2 help?

    hey there fellas, i had a problem on ps3 ftp blackbox 1.2 firmware.. i still can't see my ip address? but i haven't yet connected in my internet, is it to apply manually on ip to appear on blackbox automatically?... though i've already placed an ftp server like a lots of numeric numbers i think your familiar with that.

    what should i do... i'm planning to use it on file zilla... hoping there will be a response from any of you here... and thanks and God bless to everyone.

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    Oct 2011
    This is my own method to connect my PS3 to PC

    - First thing is to connect you PS3 to your PC via Lan Cable, and make sure your PS3 internet setting are ENABLE.
    - Start up your PS3 BlackBox App by clicking on it (You should see a black screen with RED word in it) then start FileZilla in your PC (Use Quick Connect) after it's connected, you should see your IP address in your BlackBox ^^

    I use manual IP for my PS3 internet connection setting, this is my IP number on PS3 (

    Hope this can help you

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    You have to use a Crossover-Cable to make sure your PC can connect on your PS3 properly.

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    I put ethernet cable(not crossover) into ps3 then into pc then goto internet connections on win 7 and bridge the 2 connections then i get full transfer speed using blackbox+filezilla 10mb a sec... hope this helps

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    Yeah, you can bridge the connections - for sure. But I'll recommend to anyone to use an Crossover-Cable. I get ~35 MB/s on my Ethernet port with an Cat 5e Crossover-Cable.

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