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    daioz Guest

    Can't run PS3 games help?

    So my PS3yes just arrived, I upgraded it and was able to get the whole package running. Using Hermes v4 since I don't want to lose the auto feature of ps3yes just yet.

    However I can't really get games to run, I don't have my external hdd here so I used FTP (blackbox's ftp with winscp) to transfer games to the internal hdd and wanted to play off that.

    The only thing I was able to get running is Wipeout HD (only with Gaia manager direct booting), everything else just goes blackscreen then drops back to the xmb (Tekken 6 gave me an error about corrupted gamesaves, while Army of Two just got stuck on black screen).

    I don't have a disc in the drive (or a disc at all), and have tried pretty much all managers.

    What could be the problem I ask of you?

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    datto666 Guest
    after you choose the game from your internal/external drive (without disc in tray) when your returned to the xmb goto games app folder and press X. then the game starts

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    ward76 Guest
    I have this problem sometimes, Tiger Woods 11 and SAW doesn't seem to start at all and I have others that do the same.

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    Nespavost Guest


    Some games require a disc in the drive, check the compatibility list.

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    sykoNsc Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nespavost View Post
    Some games require a disc in the drive, check the compatibility list.
    which can be found here here but doesn't really tell you much about if a disc in is needed.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Hv4 was a bad build, since Hermes has put out an update Hv4b (Hv4 has wrong files is what Hermes said)

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