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    junior2k9 Guest

    Cant run Modern Warfare 2 on PSJB

    I read on a nzb site this was working but needed to be installed to internal Hdd is this true? and where would you install games to on the internal ? create a new directory on root of hdd named gamez and put it in there? I have it on the external hdd and it just boots a black screen... Any help??

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Currently there are conflicting reports on it in the PS3 JailBreak Game Compatibility List.

    One person says it works via Internal HDD while another says it doesn't at the moment so you would have to try it and report back. If you can confirm/deny it either way we can edit the database accordingly.

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    soldier Guest
    i tried backing my cod 2 to internal ps3 hdd and it just hangs at a black screen from the xmb menu. it runs fine with psjb on and running straight from disc though.

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    Mbb Guest
    Its doesn't work for me either to play mw2 when I copied it to my internal hdd.

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    junior2k9 Guest
    yep doesnt work for me either I tried it on external and internal - just boots to a black screen... I read a patch or update or something was needed to get it to boot not sure where though....

    Also I tried to burn files on a Verbatim DL DVD and launch through backup manager - Eboot.bin Is not Valid cant' launch, maybe we need another rip ??? I've found only 1 floating around...

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