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Thread: Can't reset PSN user password?

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    jcmech Guest

    Red Face Can't reset PSN user password?

    I cannot figure out how to reset the password that access my account info so i can make changes. like adding a different credit card. and i can't rememeber what my password is or if i even ever set one. Is there a default password? Please help.

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    miloforest Guest

    Playstation Network


    You should be able to log into the playstation network via a PC. if you follow this link providing you can remember your playstion network ID they will send you an email reminder of your password.

    Once you have you password and have signed in to the PSN you can alter any account information incuding bank details under the account management section above the Playstion Store, Playstation Home and Whats New icons on the XMB.

    Hope this Helps!

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