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    Brian10122 Guest

    Can't install pkg on KaKaRaTo 3.55 JB CFW help?

    I use the signed ones, and upon trying to install it almost instantly gives me this error:

    "An error occurred during install operation. (80029564)"

  2. #2
    wilpac05 Guest
    it may be a possible corrupt file, delete and try reinstall.

  3. #3
    Brian10122 Guest
    This is ALL of my 3.55 homebrew. FTP server, mednafen, VBA, snes9x and multiMAN..

    EDIT: And if you mean the CFW, I tried. I was originall using the newer beta one by the spanish guy, and I tried installing geohots I got some corrupted data error (on r1) so I used kakarots.

  4. #4
    wilpac05 Guest
    well the links also suggested failing ram... hope not, but anyway did you go back to ofw between these different cfw's?

  5. #5
    Brian10122 Guest
    Nah, but I was on ofw when I went to the newer one and it still didn't work for pkg installing. should I have installed via XMB or something? because I've been using recovery mode.

  6. #6
    wilpac05 Guest
    it sounds like you're doing it right, I just wonder if you should have gone to ofw from recovery mode after geohot's cfw messed up then installed kakarot's cfw. I wish I could be more helpful but I just stayed on 3.41 hoping for a real cfw with back-up support. It's really weird that all your homebrew is giving you that error.

  7. #7
    Brian10122 Guest
    Yeah, I know.. So.. go back to ofw and then try geohot again or just fresh kakaroto?

  8. #8
    wilpac05 Guest
    right, back to ofw then fresh install of whatever cfw you prefer. as I haven't used either one, I really can't say which is better. I mean aren't they basically the same, as in they allow you the abilitity to install signed pkgs on a non-jb ps3.

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