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    JW117 Guest

    Cant go online with JB 3.41 (patched) ?

    I cant go online anymore with my jailbreaked ps3. it still worked for me yesterday, but it ask me to update when i'm trying to sign in.

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    flashpc Guest
    Seems like sony is getting their act together, hackers, its now your turn... let battle comence.

  3. #3
    plutomic Guest
    are you kidding me? i just got my jailbreak in the mail 10 minutes ago... -_-

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    yah I'm trying to sign in PSN and it says I have to update although I'm using the spoofed 3.41 to 3.50.

    I don't know if the same concept applies and we can spoof it to whatever version they are releasing now.

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