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    altema Guest

    Can't go back to Rogero cfw 3.55 help?

    my cfw is rogero 4.46 right now and want to go back to 3.55. i tried the downgrader to downgrade but it won't work.

    it always said: This update data is not supported on this system.

    can i go back to cfw 3.55 from cfw 4.46?

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    misiozol Guest
    You try downgrader , what kind of downgrader ? after DL it have you check checksum ? Use rebug 999 downgrader !!! , do you have enabled QA flag in past ?

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    altema Guest
    i tried rogero downgrader, it said it can downgrade for any cfw version back to 3.55

    sorry i'm still a newbie, don't know about checksum and QA flag yet

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    misiozol Guest
    have you try safe mode ? check if checksum is correct of rebug downgrader , change usb drive.

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